Providing a year-round service, Peter Haddad Trading has an impeccable track record and reputation within the fresh produce industry. It genuinely cares about providing each and every customer with personalised, value-added service, with its extensive range testament to its commitment to staying at the forefront of what is a fiercely competitive market.

All produce is delivered via a cool chain to ensure only the freshest fruit and vegetables. Air-freighted goods are picked one day and delivered the next, guaranteeing freshness.

We have a synergy of services between the main trading office and the outsourced subcontractors who are dedicated and exclusive to us.

This is a company that definitely understands the importance of teamwork too, so in one location you get the combined skill, experience, contacts and interests of experts in the food trading industry. They know their business and they know the people they do business with.

This translates into a unique combination of expertise and market presence, enabling Peter HaddadTrading to meet its commitment to the excellence and personal service that sets it apart from its competitors.

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